Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank you Thursday!

Last Thursday was another one of those glorious summer days and we were lucky to have Veronika and Patrick visiting. They will be getting one of our very active girls!

Thanks go to them for these great action shots!

Purple girl on a scent.

Black boy flying!

The pups love exploring the yard and gave us a workout overseeing their activities!

Yellow boy looking intently at something?

Green boy trotting along...

Yellow boy getting closer...

The pups enjoying some shade.

A group shot of all six pups. Check out orange girl in the back.

Patrick is watching the action of the other pups while this little one wants his attention.

Chilling out in the green grass...

Here's orange girl in a relaxed down.

After a morning run, it was time for lunch. Wotan stands watch while I prepare the puppies lunch. Sorry boy, this is not for you.

The pups get three meals a day and eat buffet style out of the flying saucer dish. I am their nanny, cook and housekeeper!

They were starving after their morning run.

A happy day of playing with the puppies. Veronika is in love with all of them. One lucky girl will get to live with her and Patrick.

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