Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Puppies Day 41 - Morning Fun in the Sun

Weather permitting, the puppies spend their mornings running around the deck and then take a pre-lunch nap. There were many opportune moments for picture taking today without the usual blur of gray!

Pink girl is scoping out the scene.

Black boy has found a quiet spot to enjoy a chew on a rawhide.

Yellow boy likes the table support for a pillow.

Pink girl is scheming....

Yes, most of his head will fit in my mouth!!!

Orange girl relaxing.

Green boy snoozing.

Purple girl watching the big dogs inside the house, almost like Weim-a-vision.

Must put mouth on everything!

The toy is all mine.

Isn't she dainty with her paws crossed?

Deep sleep - REM cycle...

Oh boy, what a face!

What an expression! She's doing the under chair move.

Yawn! Time for a nap.

Purple girl has those lovely blue eyes.

You are getting sleepy...

Out like a light.

Who knew the plastic chicken wire could double as a dog bed?

Pink and green sharing a chew...very sweet.

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