Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introducing Sky - aka Pink Girl

Introducing Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain

Sky is now at her new home in North Carolina with Debbie and Joe. Sky was our pink girl, called Sprite for a week but once Debbie got to know her and her sunny disposition, she felt the name Sky was a much better fit. They report that she is quite the little pistol and loves zooming around her new digs.

Look at this girl move!

Sky is already on her way to an agility career. Debbie has big plans for this girl which include conformation, tracking, agility and field work.

The vet just loved Sky and her outgoing temperament.

Sky took no time at all to get comfy in her new home.

She has even earned a spot on the bed next to new big sister, Sage. And she is still in love with her feline buddy, George.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Things have finally gotten back to normal, if there ever was such a thing, after a very hectic weekend. We received wonderful reports from all our puppy people plus great photos that we are sharing below.

Sprite, pink girl and Jam, purple girl, had a blast playing all day Saturday. Jam doesn't take any guff from her sister, no matter how fierce Sprite looks.

A quiet moment of content chewing on toys and dishtowels :)

Sprite can be oh so silly!

Mia had no problem acclimating to her new home and charmed everyone with her sweet disposition.

Here's Mia showing off her new, fancy dog bed. Looks like there's plenty of room to grow into this one.

Ramger nooking on a toy.

This is definately a calendar worthy picture of Ranger. Amazing how he already knows how to pose for the camera.

Sprite showed what an amazing and stable temperament she has by not missing a beat and settling right into her new home. Her flight was delayed by FOUR hours but she emerged from her crate with her tail wagging. Poor Debbie and Sprite didn't get home until 1:30 AM!
Sprite then met her new BFF, George the cat. She's had a ball exploring her new house and figuring out the doggy doors.

I thought this would be a lovely shot of Jam, but of course, she turned her head. Have to work on those vogue poses :)

Here I come Mom!

Ring-a-round the rosey Weim style!

Trixie keeping a watchful eye on her girls.

and Wotan, decided that Sprite's travel crate was put in the front hall for his benefit. Both Wotan and Trixie took turns squeezing into the crate. At least it was scented with familiar smells to make her more comfortable.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Puppy to Go

Marshall was the most popular boy at the airport, enjoying cuddles and pets from everyone.

During their layover in Charlotte, Marshall was just so tired...

and still napping in his designer Sherpa bag.

This is Marshall with his new brother, Dylan.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Puppies Day 58 - And then there were two...

The girls, pink, now called Sprite and purple, named Jam, rule the puppy pen since all four of their littermates left for their new families. Pink girl is going on a jet plane Sunday to her new family in North Carolina.

Absolutely pretty in pink!

and you can see where these pups get their beautiful heads from

Trixie giving some special mommy attention to Jam.

The pups love playing with their momma and she is enjoying only having to attend to two instead of six, which at times was overwhelming for Trixie.
Now, she spends most of her time with the girls :)

Gotta laugh at this one...

Jam went in her crate for some quiet time

and then fell asleep in this position! Only Weims can sleep this way without needing a chiropractor on call.

Trixie has finally gotten her girlish figure back and looks terrific. She'll get back into training for agility and obedience this week.

This talking duck has been a litter favorite and Sprite made the first retrieve and then settled down for some nooking...

until Jam decided it was her turn.

Jam retrieved this leather utility article and then plopped down on the bed with it. Our little retrieving machines.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Day, New Homes

Four of our pups went to their new homes and their new families could not have been more excited. I was thrilled for them and managed not to cry as they left after an in-depth lesson on how to care for their new puppy, health and training and behavior.

Patrick and Veronika with black boy, "Ranger", just couldn't contain their happiness in finally getting their puppy. They drove through a torrential rainstorm to pick him up.
Grayhart's Midnight Lightening

Laura flew back to Kansas with "Marshall" (green boy), Grayhart's In From the Storm. Marshall managed to charm the flight attendants into upgrading him to a full seat on the flight instead of his Sherpa bag! And with a face like that, who could resist.

Michele and Mia, (orange girl), took off for the Jersey shore. Grayhart's American Woman

Cathy, Haley, Reagan and Joe with yellow boy, now known as "Monty", Grayhart's Stone Free. They live close by and we will train our puppies together.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Temperament Test - Pink Girl

This video, approximately 20 minutes long, shows Pink girl during her temperament test. The test is based on Sheila Booth's "Positive Puppy Preview", and will help us determine the right puppy for the right home. The pup is tested in an unfamiliar environment and different categories of testing help determine the different drives the pup has (prey, toy, food), retrieving aptitude, socialization, sensitivity to noise and sight and how quickly they recover. More information on the test can be found at

The test and results are quite interesting. The tester found this litter to be full of retrieving machines and have the potential to be wonderful performance dogs. Response from the pups helps us determine the best methods of training the pups and what incentives to use.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Puppies Day 54 - Chillin in the Kitchen

On this hot and humid morning, the pups and Trixie had fun hanging out in the kitchen. It was the first time that the whole litter had the run of the kitchen.

Oh look Mom, we match in our pink collars!

The pups did not hesitate to take over the big dog bed. Purple girl sitting nicely for the camera.

Green boy relaxing on the mat.

Black boy plotting where to go next.
Yellow boy enjoying his nap.

Trixie keeping order.

These two in deep conversation...

Pile of pups~

Yellow boy in profile.

Sky view of all six!

Five resting comfortably...

Orange girl thinks yellow boy makes a nice pillow.

Purple girl playing musical beds.

Check out this free stack on Pink girl.
You are getting sleepy, very sleepy...

You gotta have friends.
Poor Trixie, squeezed like a sardine into the puppy donut bed.