Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 39 - Party's over, time to relax

After a very busy holiday weekend, the puppies just needed time for some rest and relaxation...

The weather held, and they were able to enjoy the fresh air out on the deck for an afternoon nap. I wish I could have joined them as taking care of this crew is exhausting :)
Green boy is chewing on a Tuffies snake toy. Tuffies toys are extremely durable and are even tough enough for my Wotan not to destroy!

Pink girl acting fresh and biting someone's tail - ouch!
Where does yellow boy think he's going? Maybe he's hoping the view will be better from up there...
We do have quite a bit of wildlife, including deer and wild turkey plus the occasional red fox or coyote, but the pups have not yet been introduced to any of these animals.

Black boy contemplating an under or over move, hmmm...

Green boy watching the action as his buddies go tearing around the table...he's sitting this one out.

Hey, let's go! Mom's over there with the camera.
Okay, who's going to step into the kitchen first?
The pups have been exposed to many different surfaces and are sometimes tentative when going into a new room, like the kitchen on their own.

You go, no you go, let's smell it first...
Orange girl practicing her down dog yoga stretch on the mat!

Purple girl thinks the hose makes a great chew toy.

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