Friday, July 25, 2008

Puppies Day 58 - And then there were two...

The girls, pink, now called Sprite and purple, named Jam, rule the puppy pen since all four of their littermates left for their new families. Pink girl is going on a jet plane Sunday to her new family in North Carolina.

Absolutely pretty in pink!

and you can see where these pups get their beautiful heads from

Trixie giving some special mommy attention to Jam.

The pups love playing with their momma and she is enjoying only having to attend to two instead of six, which at times was overwhelming for Trixie.
Now, she spends most of her time with the girls :)

Gotta laugh at this one...

Jam went in her crate for some quiet time

and then fell asleep in this position! Only Weims can sleep this way without needing a chiropractor on call.

Trixie has finally gotten her girlish figure back and looks terrific. She'll get back into training for agility and obedience this week.

This talking duck has been a litter favorite and Sprite made the first retrieve and then settled down for some nooking...

until Jam decided it was her turn.

Jam retrieved this leather utility article and then plopped down on the bed with it. Our little retrieving machines.

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