Monday, July 21, 2008

Puppies Day 54 - Chillin in the Kitchen

On this hot and humid morning, the pups and Trixie had fun hanging out in the kitchen. It was the first time that the whole litter had the run of the kitchen.

Oh look Mom, we match in our pink collars!

The pups did not hesitate to take over the big dog bed. Purple girl sitting nicely for the camera.

Green boy relaxing on the mat.

Black boy plotting where to go next.
Yellow boy enjoying his nap.

Trixie keeping order.

These two in deep conversation...

Pile of pups~

Yellow boy in profile.

Sky view of all six!

Five resting comfortably...

Orange girl thinks yellow boy makes a nice pillow.

Purple girl playing musical beds.

Check out this free stack on Pink girl.
You are getting sleepy, very sleepy...

You gotta have friends.
Poor Trixie, squeezed like a sardine into the puppy donut bed.

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