Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trixie tied for #2 WCA Top Producer for 2011!!!

Trixie with her Zeke puppies

We are proud to announce that Trixie, CH GraytSky's I'm Not Really a Waitress,CD,RN,OA,NAJ,VX BROM, has tied for the #2 Weimaraner Club of America Top Producing Dam for 2011 with 4 champions!!!

The WCA recognizes sires and dams who produce the most Champions finishing their Championships during a particular year and Trixie had four of her get that completed their Championships in 2011.

Many thanks to the fabulous owners of our 2011 Grayhart Champions!
Bravo, Best in Futurity, GCH Grayhart Crescent's Bravo, CGC
Mia-belle, CH Grayhart's Special Request,CD,RA,NSD,NRD,V
Mason, CH Grayhart's Daily Special
Sky, CH Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain,RN,JH,TD,NA,NSD,NRD,VX

We also want to give special thanks to Trixie's breeders, Amy & Michael Anderson, GraytSky, who entrusted us with this special girl who is our foundation bitch and so much more, and continue to offer their support and friendship.

Monday, February 27, 2012

More weekend show shots

Savi, free baiting during the BBE class on Sunday - can you see her tongue
 I wanted to share more pictures from this past show weekend that my friend, Kellyann Kwiatek took.  Both Savi and Trudy showed Saturday and Sunday at the Rockland Kennel Club shows in Suffern, NY.  These shows are only fifteen minutes from home, which is a luxury and not only made for an easy commute but made it possible for us to have a post-show party back at the house for some of our close Weimaraner friends.  Also, being a local show, it was great to run into so many friends at the show. On Saturday, Savi was awarded a 3rd place ribbon in the BBE (Bred-by-Exhibitor) class and Trudy was 1st place in Open.  She did not get Winner's bitch to win the points that day.  On Sunday, we were all much more relaxed, and the stars were aligned for us to earn the big win.
 Savi gaiting around the ring to get 1st place in the BBE class.
Trudy showed well and won the Open class.
Above, the Winner's Bitch class, composed of the class winner's and the judge then awards the bitch that will get the points.  l-r:  I'm handling Trudy, my friend Jenna, was kind enough to help out and handle Savi and the puppy class winner is in the rear.  
The judge awarded Trudy Winner's Bitch and we were thrilled!  She needed three singles to finish her championship and this was a 3-point major win!
Our Long Island princess is now a champion and finished in style with three 3-point majors!

Trudy is now CH Grayhart's Special Reserve

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New CHAMPION Trudy!!!

 Introducing our newest champion, Trudy is now CH Grayhart's Special Reserve! She finished today, co-owner/breeder handled to win her 3rd major at the Rockland KC show in Suffern, NY. Trudy is sired by Zeke, CH OB's 38 Special and out of Trixie, CH GraytSky's I'm Not Really a Waitress,CD,RN,OA,NAJ,V BROM. She is Trixie's 7th CH. Thanks to Pat O'Brien for handling Trudy to her 1st major & futurity placement! 
 Thanks to Kellyann Kwiatek for taking these awesome shots of Trudy and helping to celebrate her new championship.
Trudy, super sweet and a bit wild, giving me celebratory kisses as we waited to take the official win photo.

Congratulations to Trudy's owners, Rich and Barbara!  This is their first champion and I thank them for sharing their Princess Trudy with me and giving her such a terrific home and the opportunity to shine.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out-of-sight, out of mind...

Practicing group "out-of-sight" stays at obedience class tonight.  Savi is on the far left, behind her in the ex-pen is Annie B, a 10-week old German Shephard puppy, then another GSD, Chewy, Trixie, the Veego, a GSD and another there a pattern here?  

We practice these stays as they are part of AKC Open level competition obedience.  To earn a CDX, or Companion Dog Excellent title, a dog must receive three qualifying legs. For each leg,  a dog must complete the individual exercises, which include off lead heeling, drop on recall, retrieve on the flat & over the high jump and jumping the broad jump.  Then the dogs must remain in place for out of sight groups stays, a 3-minute sit stay and then a 5-minute down stay. The Open class is very challenging and therefore, referred to as the "heartbreak class" in the dog show world.  I agree, we have had a tough time getting Trixie's last qualifying leg to complete her CDX title.  She has competed in a number of trials and been one of the only dogs to pass the individual exercises and then blow it on the stays.  I am hoping that time off from trialing her and practicing in a fun way will lead us to success at our next trial in March.

Savi has not even begun competing in Novice level obedience but we always try to train up.  I have learned from my mistakes over the years and want to avoid issues with out of sight stays with her.  My goal is to have Savi ready for the obedience ring over the summer.  All the time training in obedience has also helped in other areas.  Most notably, was at our recent field training session, where part of Senior Hunter, the dog needs to heel off leash.  Savi is doing well with that and all the training helps with control and focus in the birdfield.

Happy Training!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bravo's Show Weekend

Bravo, GCH Grayhart Crescent's Bravo, CGC, (Clay x Trixie) 
at the Santa Clara Kennel Club shows in California.

Above, the Best of Breed lineup, Bravo is the 3rd dog in line.

Bravo with Handler Mike Stone

Grand Champion Select Ribbon and Points

Monday, February 20, 2012

February Field Training

 We enjoyed President's Day doing one of our favorite activities, field training with Jam and Savi.  Kellyann was also off from work and took these great shots of our girls. We could not have been more pleased with how well Savi worked, as she has not been in the field since December.  If she continues as this pace, she will be ready for Senior Hunter this Spring or by fall.
 Savi on point.  The weather was perfect with good wind and Savi pointed the birds from quite a distance. She held until released for the retrieve!
 Awesome retrieve from Savi!
 Savi standing pretty!
Jam, who is still recovering from her procedure last week, was so happy that we let her out to retrieve a Chukkar!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jam in NYT Style Magazine!

As seen in the Sunday, February 19th edition of the New York Times Style Magazine, Jam in her Longchamp ad with Superemodel Coco Rocha!  This ad has also been spotted new issues of Vanity Fair and Marie Claire.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

House Rules According to Trixie

 The Princess still rules the roost.  House rule #1: What's yours is mine.  Example here is Trixie with two knuckle was Jam's...

Saturday mini-hike

 Saturday was too nice of a day not to get the dogs out for a quick hike. Both girls are still in season so they had a short run on this empty trail.  Jam and Savi were quite interested in whatever was hiding in the trees...
 I bet Savi wishes she could climb trees...
Nature's agility course!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where does the time go?

Jam, our official new puppy picture
It was only four years ago that we embarked on an amazing journey as a breeder.  Jam, who was our keeper from that litter, will continue the legacy of Grayhart Weimaraners and begin her career as a mother.  The long awaited breeding date is upon us and we are filled with excitement, trepidation and nervousness.  We have such high hopes for this litter but any breeder knows that there are no guarantees and nature will take it's course no matter what our plans may be.  Who would have thought that our Miss Purple would accomplish so much before her fourth birthday and have such an impact on our lives and those she's touched.
Trixie and her pup Jam
 We will blog more about our upcoming litter, the process of this particular breeding, with advanced fertility treatments and the challenge of interviewing prospective homes.
Jam at 11 weeks, supermodel in the making!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Panty Party!

The life of a breeder or anyone who owns intact bitches has to deal with the 21 day period when the girls come into season.  Have to say that Jam and Savi don't mind wearing their panties.  They do put a little show on, typical of Weims, when we first put them on, they do the "panty dance", running around like banshees, rubbing their butts on the furniture and doing all kinds of contortions.  Quite comical.
Savi is wondering what the big deal is...
and fashionista Jam in leopard print!
 Hey, what about me?  Yes, Trixie, we love you and know you are much happier that you no longer have to wear panties.  Trixie hated wearing them.  She would tolerate once they were on her but would run and hide as soon as she saw us pick them up.
Big stretch for the princess!