Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you eating Beach Plums?

The girls love nature's bounty of Beach Plums, which grow all over Cape Cod.

As much as they enjoy eating them, there is danger is this delicious snack, which are okay for humans to eat.  Plums, apples, cherries, and apricot seeds, leaves and stems are toxic to dogs.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life's a beach

 Trixie enjoying a beach romp to Ryder Beach.  A nice cool day and chance to get our toes in the sand as part of a 6-mile hike from the Atwood-Higgins House, the oldest house on the Cape, from Bound Brook Island to Ryder Beach and then loop back to the house.
 Trixie and her shadow
One of Cape Cod's beautiful beaches

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Nature's playground! What could be more fun than a romp through the Pamet Harbor salt marsh.  Jam is still in great shape even though her belly seems to be expanding daily.
 Jam on the run -- action shots caught with our new Canon Rebel T3 camera.
 Trixie, below, not to be left out of  good time.

 Catch me if you can!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pamet Marsh - a slice of heaven

Trixie enjoying a run in the marsh, hard to believe our girl will be 8 years old next month, still very puppylike!
 A favorite activity is taking a marsh walk in the late afternoon, with beautiful light and gorgeous views, especially during high tide.
 Trixie and Jam love coming back every year and we only wish Savi could have come but she is off at bird camp.

 Pamet Harbor in Truro on Cape Cod is a very special place and one of our favorite places to visit.

 Lots of critters for the dogs to hunt and places to explore.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jam's baby(ies) bump

Jam is now 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and is losing her girlish figure, looking outright tubby!  We have not yet increased her food yet, but starting in her 5th week, we will increase her food 50% to help nourish Jam and the growing Rockstar pups.  The pups gain the most weight in the last three weeks of the pregnancy so it is important to make sure the brood bitch is getting enough nutrition.  Other changes that we see are her nipples have gotten very pronounced and she is hungry all the time!  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Off to bird camp!

Savi was quite sad to see her brother Memphis go home yesterday.  What she didn't know was that we had a big trip planned and she was going to bird heaven.    Off we went for a long, nine hour drive to Ohio, where Savi will be going for field training to work on Senior and Master Hunter.  Savi will learn to steady, hold until released for the retrieve, retrieve to hand and honor her bracemate on point.

Savi showed her new trainer what she's made of and impressed him with her intense points and drive, finding every bird he planted with style and attitude.  It is a wonderful opportunity for Savi to be able to fulfill her potential and spend days doing what she loves -  running in the field and hunting and retrieving birds.  We'll be busy at home with pups, so the perfect time for Savi to be at bird camp.

We'll be posting pictures and videos as we get updates from her trainer
Savi's grounds, beautiful acreage in central Ohio.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I finally got around to hanging some of my favorite photos of Trixie on my home office wall.  These wonderful shots were taken at the 1997 Weimaraner Club of America Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA, by the Brand Studio.

The photo of Trixie wearing the boa is truly a favorite and once an impromptu shot that unsettled the photographer but turned out to be fabulous.  I had the first portrait appointment of the show and this photographer has a specific style to his shots, very beautiful and artistic, showing off the dogs natural beauty with the dogs collarless.  A friend was vending in the next booth and ran over and put the boa on Trixie.  The photographer wasn't happy but I told him to humor her and just take a few shots.  Was I surprised to see this picture as his screen saver the next morning when I came in to see my proofs!

The shot of the two dogs is Trixie kissing her littermate Jett, CH GraytSky's International Dateline, who she hadn't seen since they were eight weeks old.  We took this setup as a surprise for  Trixie and Jett's breeders, Amy and Michael Anderson of GraytSky.  They loved it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Crazy Belly Rubs!

Trixie & Jam, talking, squealing, and tail wagging for belly rubs!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Memphis! We've enjoyed having him visit with us for two weeks while his family is on vacation.  He loves playing with Savi and has been such a good boy as part of our family.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summit x Jam: Buns in the oven!

Announcing our Rockstar Litter
We are beyond excited to announce that Jam was confirmed pregnant, via ultrasound and puppies are due September 16th!

 Best in Futurity, Best in Specialty Show, Multiple Group Winning...
CH Pike's Peak Silversmith Summit, SH, SDX, NRD, V
 CH Grayhart's Purple Haze,CD,JH,OA,OAJ,SD,VX, Delta Therapy Dog

  This breeding combines two outstanding pedigrees and dogs with wonderful health, temperaments and natural ability in the field.

About Summit
Whelped: 5/12/07 PennHip 0.28;0.34 (no DJD), OFA good, DNA #V527142, HUU-negative, Elbows - OFA Normal ; CERF - normal, DNA Coat - neg for Longhair, Thyroid - normal
Summit on point
Summit finished his championship in 10 shows from puppy class at 9 months of age. He earned 14 pts, his Junior Hunter and NSD titles at 8 months and at 12 months won Best Dog in the 2008 Eastern Futurity at the WCA National Specialty. A talented field dog, Summit has three legs towards his Master Hunter title.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In her own words: Mia's Amazing Agility Debut

Special post from Jessica's blog on Mia-belle's Agility Debut with awesome pictures!

Mia's Amazing Agility Debut!

Mia and I made our agility debut this weekend at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club Trial in Concord, NC - first trial for both of us.  My hope for the weekend was that Mia would run fast, have a great time, and maybe get a Q.  I would never have dreamed that she would Double Q all 3 days!!  She earned her Novice Agility (NA) and Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) titles on our first weekend of trialing!  And, that also qualified her for the Versatile Excellent (VX) rating from the Weimaraner Club of America!  I was beyond thrilled with our Q's but even more than that, I was thrilled that she flew on the courses and had a great time!  She ran all of the standard courses 20-30 seconds under course time and placed on all 6 runs (two 1st placements and a 2nd placement in standard and two 1st placements and a 3rd placement in jumpers).  It was truly an amazing weekend for us both and I couldn't be prouder!!

She nailed her weaves on almost all of her runs :)  That's my girl!


Mia with her 1st place ribbon from Sunday and her new title ribbon!

Words cannot describe how happy I was and still am - love this girl!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mia-belle Agility Star!

 Practice makes perfect and for Jessica & Mia-belle it sure paid off.  On their agility debut, they had an outstanding weekend with 3 double Q's to earn Mia's NA (Novice Agility Standard) & NAJ (Novice Agility Jumpers) with 1st places & her WCA VX (Versatile Excellent) title!
Mia-belle is now CH Grayhart's Special Request,CDX, RA, NA, NAJ, NSD, NRD, VX!!!!
Mia-belle had awesome runs and was even 20 seconds under course time to win the Novice Standard class on Saturday!
We couldn't be prouder of this talented team and look forward to seeing the videos of their runs!

Congratulations to Jessica & Mia-belle on their awesome agility weekend!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

L'Oreal Preview Day!

Yesterday, we had a super fun day for a great cause at Loreal's Your Dog is Worth it Too preview day! Supporting rescues & the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure! Savi & Memphis were ambassadogs for TriState Weimaraner Rescue, we played Rescue Bingo, dogs could swim in the special pools, & Loreal gave out cool gift bags with tons of goodies with our registration for next Saturday's big event!
 The big event is Saturday, August 18th and you can still attend and either register ahead of time or at the event.
 Above is the gift bag with the regular $10 registration and below, is the deluxe bag with the $25 special donor registration.  Both are filled with awesome L'Oreal, Lancome and other goodies!
 Junie and Savi posing in front of TriState Weimaraner Rescue's booth.  
 There were approximately 35 rescue groups at yesterday's event but next week, there will be many more plus vendors and all kinds of events like dock diving and contests.
 There was even a pig rescue group in attendance!  Savi wanted to make friends with Mr. Pig!
A number of pools were set up for the dogs to take a dip and cool off!  Savi enjoyed a little swim.
 The pools had carpeted ramps for the dogs to get into the pools and steps for them to exit.
Littermates Savi and Memphis enjoyed all the people and dogs and we look forward helping TSWR next week at the big event - hope you can join us at L'Oreal Your Dog is Worth it Too day!