Monday, July 14, 2008

Puppies Day 47 - A Golden Opportunity

The puppies had a playdate today with Phoebe's lovely Golden Retriever, Bette, aka Gaylan's Bet On It At Terrevern (lots of titles). Bette is an amazing agility, obedience and field dog and more importantly, has an incredible temperament and LOVES puppies. We tried to take pictures of the puppies following Bette around and playing together but they all came out in big blurs of grey and reddish-blonde! that a duster?
Hmmm....a hairy foot.

Black boy found his new BFF - Best Friend Forever, with Bette.
"and you were saying?"

All the same parts, just lots more hair!
Green boy got pretty excited by his new visitor.

Ready, set, go! They all loved playing with Bette. Each pup met Bette on their own terms and once they were all comfortable with her....the games began.

Green boy checking to see if Bette could be his mother....hehehe.
This was a wonderful experience for the puppies to meet a friendly dog in an environment that they are comfortable in. Proper socialization is critical in raising a healthy, well adjusted Weimaraner, or any dog for that matter.

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