Friday, July 11, 2008

Puppies Day 43 - Special Delivery From Kansas

No, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz didn't send anything special....but Aunt Laura did! Laura, who will taking one of our precious boys to live in the land of Oz, sent new toys for the pups!

Here is rare shot of ALL the pups together, waiting while I cut off all the tags on their presents.

Without a doubt, the favorite of the gifts was the furry bone!

Pink girl getting in proper chewing position...

Good thing this bone is big enough to share!

Until green boy goes in for the steal.

Yellow boy can't decide between the orange furry toy or the camo bumper...the bumper wins...

until the bone catches his eye

Pink is comfortable lounging with this toy.

Now purple girl goes for the orange toy

The toys also function as pillows

and she's out...

Ahhh....the pleasures of nooking on a toy!

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