Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Puppies Day 34 Enjoying the Fresh Air

It was a glorious morning with low humidity, cooler temperatures and the sun just sparkled. The pups loved running around the deck for their morning workout.

Here's green boy plotting his next move. It is a challenge to take pictures of these active pups as most turnout as blurs of grey!

Black boy has the sweetest face.

Purple girl in front, with orange tasting the broom and pink focused on something in the distance.

The pups have made their own agility course; jumping over chairs, under bars and weaving between them, they are on their way to learning basic agility skills!

Orange and green rough housing!

Yellow boy comtemplating his next move.

Purple girl always has a lot to say...

and is very expressive in her delivery!

Yellow boy enjoying a moment of peace.

Pink girl relaxing for a minute before another lap around the deck.

1 comment:

sararenee said...

Purple girl is BEYOND cute! I'm sure she's destined to be a character too!

Any new news on Wotan's crazy agility ability? : )