Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Holiday Cheer from the Grayhart family!

 CeCe (Parker x Savi) helping TSWR gift wrap presents at Petco!
 Chloe (Summit x Jam) above and below - this is how they celebrate in NYC!

Ranger (Parker x Trixie) and his lovely family!
Memphis and littermate Savi, (Clay x Trixie)
 Logan (Trixie x Clay) and Ripley
Above, Henley (Parker x Savi) with his gorgeous family!
KellyAnn and Chris' card with Haze, Junie and CeCe in her holiday best!

A Christmas movie by Nina - Rigby (Summit x Jam) and Rocky love getting presents!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

J-F Pups Day 23: Potty Box Training

The Wonder pups had a big weekend.  They moved up, literally to our upstairs living room to the big puppy pen which will be their home until they leave to go to their new families.  They had more firsts, at three weeks we began feeding them weaning formula, they experienced their new pen which has rubber flooring and xpen (metal) sides and their first crate!  The pups are learning to use the litter box that is filled with wood pellets.  The wood pellets act as kitty litter, absorbing urine and attracts the pups to do their business on it, is easy to clean and safe if the pups decide to sample the pellets.  We use a cement mixing box to keep the mess to a minimum.  The size of the box is great as it makes the pups use their problem solving skills to figure out how to get in and out as well as lots of muscle movement.  The pups also have a big TV overhead and get to hear all kinds of noises from Saturday Night Live,  to various music and TV shows plus being upstairs, close to the front door where the big dogs bark at passersby and the kitchen.

Snow Angels

The Northeast was hit with it's first major snowstorm of the season on December 14th.  As usual, when we have big things planned, the weather does not always cooperate.  Savi was supposed to get dropped off at her brother, Memphis' house, and it was iffy if we would be able to make the hour drive north in what was predicted to be a terrible snow storm with accumulations of 8-12 inches!
 I decided to leave early in the morning to beat the main part of the storm and with the 4-wheel drive SUV, we carefully made the drive to Putnam County, a gorgeous community an hour and half north of New York city on the Connecticut border.  I arrived and immediately showed Savi the property lines (orange flags) for the Invisible Fence and then it was playtime with her littermate, Memphis.  They played and played.....
 and played....
 and Savi even flew!
 Even though they are from the same litter, Memphis is a big boy and Savi is a little girl.  Both have lovely lines with impressive chests and know how to move!  Savi may be small but is faster and more agile than her brother.  We trained both pups together from the time they were 8 weeks old so they get along really well and are obedient.

 Playing in the snow is exhausting...time for a nap with the kids...

Savi is on vacation for a few weeks as we are busy with Jam's litter of seven puppies.  Memphis' family adores her and Savi fits right in as if she grew up in their house.  She especially loves the little kids and does not let them out of her sight.  This is a nice warm-up for Memphis' family to get used to having two Weims as one of our Wonder pups will be going home with them the end of January. Thanks to Meridith for these awesome shots and taking such great care of our girl.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

J-F Pups 3 weeks old: First photo shoot!

 Always a challenge working with dogs but three week old pups are something else.  I have to say, I was quite happy that I managed, working alone, to get some super shots of our Wonder pups - many are truly Wonder-ful!

Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange
Miss Purple
Miss Pink
Mr. Blue

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

J-S Pups Day 19: Inside & Out of the Box!

The Wonder pups had an exciting day as they had their first field trip of sorts.  Everyday we clean and change their bedding and usually the pups go in a warming box while this is done.  Well yesterday, the pups decided they could not be contained and escaped from the shallow warming box and started exploring the family room.  Today, we purposely allowed them to explore and even nurse outside the box on a nice crate pad.  The pups were able to experience a number of different flooring types, plastic, hardwood, fleece and the crate mat.
The pups are growing like weeds thanks to the great nourishment from Momma Jam. This week, from 14-21 days of age, is what we call the transitional period. The pups can now see, hear and interact with each other. They are all walking and show a startle response to sounds, although they are not capable of fear at this age. We introduce all kinds of sounds, like the vacuum, to ensure they are not noise sensitive and comfortable with all kinds of noises.
The pups are enjoying the different toys we've added to the box and we will continue to alternate toys that are made of different materials to give a new tactile experience as well as make all kinds of sounds.

All kinds of different surfaces...

Jam is an amazing mother.

Monday, December 16, 2013

J-F Pups Day 17: Planning an Escape!

The two-plus week old Wonder pups are amazing - very vocal and already trying to climb out of the whelping box!  It is an exciting world out there and they want to start exploring it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

J-F Pups Days 12-13: Cute & Cuter

 The pups grew by leaps and bounds this past week.  Developmentally, this was a huge time as their eyes and ears opened.  They are also walking and playing with their littermates.