Sunday, February 28, 2010

T-C Pups Day 45: Power's back on!

Looks like the "after" of a wild was :)
Power was restored late this morning! We were thrilled as the power company had originally told us it wouldn't be fixed until Monday at midnight. The pups survived the power outage just fine, in fact, other than not having kitchen privileges for a few days, no way to mop up after them, their world remained unaffected. After meal time, they love to run around the pen like wild banshees, making their own confetti out of the newspaper, playing with toys, chasing each other around the crate and their newest trick, jumping off the stool onto their littermates!
Nap time until the next round of fun!
If only the pups would clean up their own mess...
Below are some pictures from Thursday's storm, which gave us approximately a foot of very heavy, wet snow causing trees to topple and power lines to split.
Our deck...we won't be entertaining out there until Springtime...
One of the herd of deer that live in the woods behind our house.
Trees having a hard time with the weight of the heavy snow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

T-C Pups: here and in the dark...

If you are wondering where we've been, well let's just say Mother Nature has been challenging us.  The big snowstorm that hit New Jersey on Thursday was too much for the trees and power lines to bare. We lost power Thursday evening and have been without power, heat and water since then. Our main priority has been to keep the pups warm.  We used up our firewood and then purchased an indoor kerosine heater. The pups are toasty and the big dogs snuggle with me on the couch. All the things we take for granted like hot showers and lights, get a new appreciation when they are gone for days.  I did manage to get plowed out on Friday and made to the show  literally in the nick of time, and Jam won!  We now wait to see when power will be restored as differing reports from the power company say tonight to Monday night...and then I get to see what food in the fridge and freezer are spoiled...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

T-C Pups Day 42: Six Week Old Agility Stars

Tunnel fun for our Bravo litter. They were very curious and didn't need any encouragement to start investigating and running through the tunnel.
Holes in the screen, courtesy of our Special litter, made for extra entrances and exits.
Mr. Red getting ready to run
The pups love to run under the canopy made by the stools.
Tandem chewersCannot forget about the toy basket with all the cool big dog toys. The purple octupus is one of Jam's favorites...
Hit it! The balance board teaches the pups about matter who is in your way...
Going... Resting...

Saturday T-C Pup Visit from Tammy

Last Saturday, Tammy and Mike drove up from PA to visit and took a whole bunch of terrific pictures...soooo many to choose from so I took the liberty to just post what I thought were the best...I've never received complaints about posting too many puppy pictures.
Mike getting kisses.
Trudy's owner Rich fell in love with the pups.
Trudy's family couldn't wait to visit this litter and had a hard time leaving.Trudy was fascinated by the pups.
Lots of fun playing with the pheasant feather and bird wing.
Mr. Black on missionMr. Blue playing keep away
and I spoil his fun...he did not want to give it back!
He then settled for Tammy's toe - ouch!
Mr. Green goes in for the bird...
On the run!
Miss Purple and Mr. Green playing tug of war with the wing.
All the fun and excitement makes for tired puppies!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T-C Pups Day 41: Make it work

The big dog toy basket became an impromptu dog bed for the tired pups.Mr. Black playing with the balance board.
How many pups can fit in the basket?
Make room for me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T-C Pups Day 40: Step right up

A new item in the puppy pen today...
All the pups were very curious about the stool, first response for almost all was to taste it and chew on it! They stood on it, climbed over it and even fell off of it but thought it was a pretty cool thing. The stool not only is a simple climbing item, but it teaches the pups about balance and awareness of their feet.