Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a face!

I had the pleasure of puppysitting this adorable boy, Jack, a GraytSky Mac/Leeloo pup for a few hours the other day while his owners were busy throwing a birthday party for twenty six-year olds!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jam earns her first Junior Hunter leg!

Jam made us very proud this past Saturday by earning her first Junior Hunter qualifying leg at the Westminster Kennel Club Hunt Test in Milbrook, NY! I was very proud of how our young girl did and received compliments from one of the judges on her "beautiful point".
To earn the AKC Junior Hunter title, a dog must receive four qualifying legs. The dogs run a pre-set course with a brace mate, for 15-20 minutes and must be able to find a bird, hold the point for a minimum of 3 seconds, not be gun shy when the handler shoots the blank pistol after flushing the bird and must point at least 50% of the birds they encounter. The Junior dogs are scored by two judges on a scale of 1-10, in four categories: hunting, bird finding ability, pointing and trainability. To pass, the dog must get a minimum score of 5 in each category with an overall average of not less than 7. Out of the 6 Junior dogs tested, only two passed that day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Outstanding show debut weekend for Jersey!

Congratulations to Rachel Victory who owner handled Jersey, Grayhart's Goin Someplace Special, (Trixie/Zeke), to two days of back to back Winners Bitch and Best of Breed wins at her first two shows!
What makes these wins so wonderful is that Jersey is Rachel's first show dog and she trained and handled Jersey herself. Jersey just turned six months old this week, the minimum age to compete in AKC shows. And before any dust could settle after the second show, Rachel and Jersey were off to do some field training, getting ready for Jersey's Natural Ability test on October 10th. Like her registered name, this versatile bitch is always "Goin Someplace Special!"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Matilda, out of our Trixie/Zeke litter, sunbathing on the dock at her lake house...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Location...

Supermodel Trixie loving the camera on location for a photo shoot for a very famous, luxury retailer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Six Months to our Trixie-Zeke Pups!

Six Months...
Our Trixie-Zeke pups turn six months old today and many have already begun training for the show ring, field events and graduated from beginner obedience classes! We are very proud of these pups and their owners for the wonderful jobs they have done thus far.
Like all Weim pups, six months also means the beginning of adolescence and new challenges. Weims are still pups until two years of age. Formal training is very important and sets the foundation for a lifetime of good behavior.
Graduation for Jessica and Mia-belle
Mia-belle, learning to be a show dog.
Jersey on point in Tennessee

Jersey retrieving training for her NAVHDA Natural Ability test in October.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mason, a natural at six months

Mason, out of our Trixie/Zeke litter, beautifully free stacked by Veronika, Ranger's owner, at yesterday's ratings test. Mason will be making his show debut at the DC Weim Club's Specialty show in October.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New NSD title for Jam!

Today, at the Garden State Weimaraner Club's WCA Ratings test, Jam passed the Novice Shooting Dog test and now has a new title - NSD! Even under not ideal conditions, hot temps and very little wind, Jam showed off her hunting skills and found a bird, held a beautiful stylish point and wowed the judges. I am very proud of my girl!
We had a great day at the test, even though Ranger didn't qualify, he had a nice run his first time ever in the birdfield and listened to Patrick, a testament to the wonderful job they've done training him. Mason, with owner's Jan and Matt, made the trip and enjoyed a day of learning, socialization and exposure to birds. Once the ratings test was over, we were able to use the grounds and do a little bit of training to introduce Ranger and Mason to quail, which they thought were very cool. A fun day for the Grayhart family!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sky places 4th at the Central Futurity!!!

Congratulations to Debbie and Sky, Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain, JH, for earning a 4th placement in the Junior class, at the Weimaraner Club of America Central Futurity. The Breeder's futurity program can be quite competitive and it is a wonderful accomplishment for Debbie Moody, as owner/handler to be awarded a placement under Judge Mary Ann Alston. Sky is out of our Trixie-Parker litter. Official win photo should arrive in two weeks.

Back Jam-in in the field

After a break from field training due to vacations and poor weather, we were excited to take Jam back to Mike's for field training, especially as we are getting ready for this Sunday's WCA Ratings test, hosted by the Garden State Weimaraner Club, as well as upcoming fall hunt tests. A few other Grayhart dogs will be joining us for the fun. Mia and Ranger will make their first run in a field event and Mason will get his first exposure to birds.
Jam just keeps on wowing us with her natural ability and solid point. Check out Jam's blog for more pictures of Jam from our day in the field.
The WCA Shooting and Retrieving program is a wonderful program. Here is the purpose of the program from the WCA Handbook:

Purpose of Rating Tests

The Tests are offered to allow for the non-competitive evaluation of Weimaraners in hunting and retrieving. The levels of difficulty are intended to be a natural progression in the development and training of dogs in each area. The levels very often also reflect the experience of the handler. For the sake of judgement, the two types of tests are completely separate. From a breeder’s standpoint the dog who accomplishes advanced degrees in both areas is the ideal. The tests give breeders and prospective puppy buyers a realistic tool in evaluating a dog and/or a line for natural abilities and trainability. These tests also are frequently the stepping stone for novice Weimaraner owners into the world of field trials and other competition. The judges must remember that the dogs are judged solely on their performance according to the rules and not in competition with other dogs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mason at five and a half months

Mason, out of our Trixie/Zeke litter, modeling his new braided leash from Onlead. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by and that Mason and his littermates will be six months old in a week. Many will be making their show debuts and we are so excited about seeing them in the ring!What a happy boy!
Game of football anyone?
My ball now...
As the saying goes, a tired Weim is a good Weim!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Wotan!!!

My special boy, Wotan, Windward's Standing In Motion, JH,AX, AXJ,NSD,V (major pointed), celebrated his 13th birthday today!
Wotan is in amazing shape for a senior dog and only retired from competing in agility last fall. He still has a ton of drive and loves to hike, retrieve his all time favorite toy, the Kong on a rope, on both land and in water.
He still enjoys playing on the equipment in our yard.
Hanging out watching the younger dogs.
On a recent hike with his ever present Kong.
Wotan's favorite thing in the world is just being a momma's boy and he is truly my dog, following me everywhere, from the bathroom, to his favorite chair in my office to a dog bed in the kitchen and sleeping snuggled up to me in my bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Champion Marshall

The official win picture has finally arrived! Judge Robert Slay awarded Marshall Winner's Dog for a 5-point major, completing his AKC championship, owner/handled to all his wins by Laura Roehrich.
Marshall, new CH Grayhart's In From the Storm
Our first homebred champion out of Parker, CH Hibourne's It's All About Me, and Trixie, CH GraytSky's I'm Not Really a Waitress, D, RN, NA, NAJ, V.
This handsome young dog has already moved on to field training for hunt tests and Laura will also begin his tracking training soon.
Congratulations Laura and Marshall!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magical Maggie

Maggie, Grayhart's Special Magic, out of our Trixie/Zeke litter, has cast her spell and charms everyone she meets. Spending time with us while her family vacations in Alaska, Maggie has become part of the family and enjoyed life at Grayhart partaking in all the fun activities.No stay would be complete without dog show stacking practice.
Maggie loved going to the dog shows and thought all the fuss was for her. Nothing fazes this super confident girl, who easily went from an indoor show at a hockey arena to huge outdoor shows greeting spectators, vendors and exhibitors with gusto. During a break at obedience class, Maggie followed mom Trixie up and over the A-Frame. It was so much fun, she did it twice! Then to my amazement, Maggie climbed right up the full-size teeter in my backyard and I gently supported the board while it dropped down and she confidently went to the end. Agility star in the making!
Double decker with Jam
Loves the bones she found as well as like a kid in a toy store discovering all the baskets of toys around our house.
Naptime is always better with your BFF, aka Jam.
Maggie even got to cuddle with our old man, Wotan.
Maggie heads home tomorrow and we will miss her. She kept us very busy, as all five month old pups will do, but we loved having her here as she is such a pleasure due to her being so well socialized by her owners and her what's next attitude.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been missing...

Views of Pamet Harbor in Truro, MA

Things have been very hectic and going from two vacations and back to the real world with getting ready for school, dog shows and visiting pup, we haven't missed a beat and have done so much. Here are some of our favorite pictures from Cape Cod. The picture above shows from the left, Jam, Wotan and Trixie, posing in the Pamet Harbor marsh at sunset.

Jam with a true zest for life!

Plenty of room to run around and lots of interesting things to hunt, including birds and crabs!

The girls on the wild side!
Unfortunately, Jam cut her foot on a shell and needed to wear a bandage and booty to protect the foot and help it heal. A reminder to always travel with first aid supplies for your dog.
At low tide, the marsh was perfect for runs and at high tide, the dogs could swim, although Wotan was the only one interested in that activity. Without the dogs, we visited lovely, pristine bay and ocean beaches, biked on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and took advantage of the bountiful array of fresh fish and seafood at the local fish markets.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009