Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Puppies Day 49 - Make Me A Super Model!

Two of our pups, purple girl and green boy, made their modeling debut today in New York City. They posed for a Ralph Lauren photo shoot promoting a line of bedding.

Green boy should be on the cover of a magazine!

To make the pups as comfortable as possible, we set up an expen and a comfy bed for them to rest on until they were called in for the shoot.

Purple girl resting during a set change. During the first setup, she posed solo and taught me what a challenge it is working with a puppy. A sense of humor is a prerogative. The crew was extremely patient until we got the perfect shot. It truly makes me appreciate my older, trained dogs!

Green boy enjoying the down time. These two were incredibly confident and comfortable for their first trip into NYC, hanging out in a studio with lots of new people and unusual noises. They didn't even mind the freight elevator.

Good thing for digital film!

That's me coaching just out of camera range.

It was amazing that the puppies actually sat still long enough to get this picture....

and this perfect one where they are looking straight into the photographer's camera!

These pups are definitely following in momma Trixie's pawprints!

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