Monday, June 30, 2008

Early Morning Play Time

The puppies wake up early every day with boundless energy. As tired as I may be, watching them play is an engaging activity and hey, who needs sleep :))

Puppies Day 32 - Mostly Pink

Pink girl was full of energy today, even after a visit with two children and lots of play. I think she was a bit wound up and couldn't keep her teeth to herself. Although she is biting green boy, black boy is not happy about being smushed. Check out the snarl on his face!

Pink girl is torturing poor black boy biting his leg, some sort of medieval Weimaraner punishment.

Finally, some peace for a boy and his monkey.

But the monkey just didn't taste boys ear is much better to chew.

Pink girl is enjoying all the mini-toys Julie brought and plenty to go around. She thinks she'll try all of them...first the duck...

Nice to not have to share! Look at her froggy legs, just adorable!

But wait, is this an orange donkey? How cool!

And if that wasn't fun enough, some sort of exotic bird. Hmmm, will I see this bird at a hunt test?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puppies Day 31 - Pure Joy!

Pure joy can be defined as the looks on these girls faces as they cuddle with the puppies. Yesterday, the puppies benefited from lots of socialization with visits from my daughter's friends as well as my friend, Julie, who is a member of the "GraytSky Family." Julie came bearing wonderful gifts, not just for the pups, but for Trixie and Wotan. What a thoughtful friend!

Orange girl climbed right on my daughter's lap. Actually, they all do when she enters the pen!
Pink girl still loves her piggy toy.

A rare moment, caught sitting and posing for the camera!

Orange and purple girls in the midst of play, sharing a rope toy. Check out the intense look in purple girls eyes.

Green boy has discovered the joys of nooking on a toy. Many Weims are known for "nooking" and it is thought to be a calming behavior.

Yellow boy captured the rope toy from the girls!

Trixie faces the challenges of motherhood. Six hungry puppies trying to nurse before she even has a chance to lie down!

Almost like the Pied Piper, the pups follow mom to the dog bed.

You can already see the lovely toplines, angles and bone of these puppies. Plus, they all have the most delicious temperaments - friendly, sweet and playful.

Finally, Trixie settles down and the pups vie for the optimal spot at the milk bar. Even though the pups had two real meals today, they still love to nurse and will continue to get their night time feeding with mom.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Handsome Daddy Parker

Parker, sire of this lovely litter, is shown here in one of win pictures, with handler Cliff Steele, during the Weimaraner Club of America Nationals week. Not only did Parker go Best in Sweeps at the Nutmeg WC Specialty and Winner's Dog and Best of Winners for a 5-point major at the Yankee WC Specialty, he then went on to win his Futurity class and earned an Award of Merit at the WCA National Specialty. Very impressive wins, especially for a youngster.

We are very proud of this boy and congratulate his owners/breeders Steve and Bonnie Lane. New Champion Hibourne's It's All About Me

May our puppies follow in the pawprints of success of their daddy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puppies Day 29 - New item on the menu

Good morning little puppy loves! They had a restful first night sleep in their new pen.

Sound asleep, sweet dreams...

Breakfast is served. Look how much the puppies have grown compared to the mealtime shots from the first few weeks.

A sweet moment with one of her babies.

Pink girl nibbling on Trixie's ear while Trix cleans her puppies. Yellow is ready to wrestle with green boy.

We began the weaning process today with the introduction of lunch - weaning formula, which is basically ground up puppy food and water. It has the consistancy of Farina. First, the pups sample it off of a finger, and then are led to the family size feeding bowl.

Yellow boy showed us how well his nose works by scenting the new food from where he was sleeping on the donut bed. He woke up, stuck his nose in the air and followed it to the buffet!

All of the pups, except black boy, were ready to dig in and savor their first real meal.

Green boy literally jumped in with both paws and ate his way around the bowl. Not surprisingly, he was the last one to finish eating.

Check out the food on green boys paws.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puppies Day 28- Part 2 - New Digs

The puppies adjusted beautifully to their new home aka the puppy playground!

They checked out every inch of the space, found their old toys and donut bed and discovered new toys. They climbed into the crate as if they'd been in one their entire young lives.

Today, was a big day developmentally as you do not want to move the pups prior to four weeks. In their new, ultrasafe space, they have a litterbox, which I'm proud to say orange boy and pink girl figured out the purpose. Now, if only the others would follow suit.

Green boy testing out the new bed...he just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.

Yellow boy likes his new Orbi ball.

Purple girl finds a familiar toy in her new digs.

Green boy quite content with the large space to play in and lots of beds to choose from.

Black boy passed out from all the activity.

Pink girl happy to find so many toys!

Trixie, this is not your crate anymore!

Wotan supervised the move from his perch on the couch. He was exhaused just watching us!

Puppies Day 28 Big Changes & Fieldtrip- Part 1

Happy one month old! The puppies went on their first fieldtrip out back to play and frolic in the grass.

Yellow boy was quite adventurous and was using his nose to lead him around.

New smells, sounds and a good dose of fresh air made for a wonderful experience.

Hey guys, which way should we go?

Green boy finds a Croc in the wild!
Black boy showed his independence and investigated on his own.

Something catches purple girls attention.

Then it was back to spend their last morning in the whelping box. A quick introduction to utility scent articles and then up to their new digs.

Purple girl and green boy immediately zoomed in
on these new items in their box and found them very interesting!

One last group huddle before the big move upstairs...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quiet time for Momma Trixie

Trixie enjoying some quiet time away from the pups and their new teeth. All mothers need and deserve "me" time and why should she be any different....belly rubs please!