Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lucy Wainwright Roche & the Wonder Pups

What an exciting day for the 7 week old Wonder pups when our friend and amazingly talented singer/songwriter, Lucy Wainwright Roche came to visit and put on an impromptu performance!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday to our Bravo litter!!!

Top row l-r: Treynor, Logan, Memphis, Bliss, Bravo
Bottom: Savi, Whitmore, Tallulah

Happy 4th Birthday to our amazing Bravo litter - Treynor, Logan, Memphis, Bliss, Bravo, Savi, Whitmore, Tallulah!!! This litter by Clay, BIS GCH Bxyfeet American Idol x Trixie, CH GraytSky's I'm Not Really A Waitress, Cd, RN, AX, OAJ, V, BROM, has accomplished amazing things and are adored by their owners.
  • Bravo is BIF GCH Grayhart Crescent Bravo, CGC, finished 2012 in the Top 20 All Breed & Breed standings! 
  • Bliss, Grayhart's Launch My Line, not only was WB/BOW during the 2013 Nationals week at the Chattahoochie Weimaraner Club supported entry show, handled by owner Jen Boyd but also won the Open bitch class at the WCA National Specialty! Bliss finished 2013 in the Top 20 All Breed standings with multiple Group Placements! 
  • Our keeper, Savi, Futurity placing, CH Grayhart's Shear Genius, SH, NSD, NRD, VX, is working on obedience & agility titles & in 2013 became a mother to a litter of 7 lovely pups sired by Parker, BISS, GCH HiBourne's It's All About Me, BROM, who are getting ready to follow in their momma's pawprints in many venues.
Many thanks to our friend, Sara Renee Beaver, for taking these amazing photos that we will cherish forever.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

J-F Pups Day 42: The Wonder Litter 6 week stacks

 We continue to take our weekly stack shots of the Wonder litter to see how they are developing.  It is hard to believe that they will be going to their new homes in two weeks, although our puppy families will not find out who their special pups will be until right before the puppy party.  We are very happy with how promising this litter looks.  The pups have lovely breed type, nice bone, angles and balance.  

 Cream cheese is the best!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

J-F pups Day 35: Wonder litter 5 week stacks!

We began stacking the Wonder pups on Friday when they turned five weeks old. The purpose of stacking or making the dog stand in a specific stance, it to to see all parts of the dog's structure to determine if he follows the standard of his breed. When a dog is shown in conformation shows, the dog is stacked so that the judge can lay "hands on" the dog and examine him to feel his bone structure and muscular condition. We stack the dogs to get an idea of their conformation each week with the final evaluation at eight weeks. 

Conformation also impacts how the dog functions in any performance sports they may do and as we say, form equals function. A dog that may not be build correctly, could be prone to injury.  

We are very excited at how great these pups look at only 5 weeks and look forward to seeing how they develop.

Friday, January 3, 2014

J-F Pups Day 35: The Wonder Pups are 5 Weeks Old!

The Wonder pups are growing likes weeds and spend their days eating, sleeping and playing. They are weaned from Momma Jam and eat kibble three times a day and have to say, they literally dive into their food, no table manners for these pups! They now engage with each other as well as play with a variety of toys including a tippy board which didn't faze them a bit and some of them think it is a spring board to jump off of onto the pups in the dog bed!
The pups have been using the litter box 90% of the time, making cleanup much easier. They adore the dog beds and sometimes they nap in the crate. It has been a busy few weeks for the humans with a trip to California, where we saw Bravo, from our 2010 Clay x Trixie litter, so not much time to update the blog but as you can see, lots going on with the Wonder pups.
 The Wonder pups had a busy social schedule on New Year's Day, with old and new puppy people visiting. The Voltaggio family, who owns Savi's littermate, Memphis, (Clay x Trixie) and will be getting a girl pup from this litter, came in the morning to return Savi, who had been staying with them for 3 weeks. The pups were amazing with their small children who were very upset they could not take a pup home that day. Our good friend, KellyAnn made her weekly visit and brought CeCe, 7 1/2 months old, (Parker x Savi) to see the pups. CeCe was mesmerized and the pups were adorable reaching through the expen to engage her in play. The Hochberg family joined in on the fun in the afternoon with their three older kids, trying to guess which adorable pup will end up as part of their family.
CeCe was mesmerized by the puppies and kept play bowing and trying to engage them.

 The pups have become expert kissers and lap dogs!

 The pups now have sharp little needle-like teeth and no body part, especially toes are safe!

 How many pups will fit on a lap?