Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Puppies Day 35 - Five Weeks Old!

I cannot believe that the puppies are five weeks old. Watching their development and growth has been amazing and many times, entertaining. The sad part is this means they will be leaving in three weeks to go to their new homes, except one special girl who will become part of our family.

After a fun filled play session and weigh in, I went to retrieve the camera and most of my subjects were asleep! Orange girl crawled into the crate for some privacy and a primo spot on the animal print dog bed.

These two boys, black and yellow, were the only two left awake. They are investigating the new crate pad I put down in the pen.

This boy cooperated for the camera for a nice sitting shot.

Yellow boy engrossed in nooking on the blankie.

Green boy's newest habit is sleeping in the litter box. Yes, it seems gross, although he has enough good sense to lay in a clean spot.

The kitty litter in the box is called Yesterday's News and is made from recycled newspapers. The puppies have been learning to go potty in the box but are not totally consistent in its use. It is a sight to see them independently climb into the box and do their business. Saves me on cleanup and will help in their housebreaking.

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