Friday, June 6, 2008

Puppies Day 9 - Puppy Puzzle

I apologize for not posting sooner but life in general has been crazy. Like the pieces of a puzzle, I've had to fit together our new litter and all the responsibility that goes with taking care of our precious puppies with a full-time job and family obligations. At the same time, I am truly blessed with healthy family, dogs and great friends plus new friends in our puppy people.
But look at the pictures of our real-life PUPPY PUZZLE, and all the pieces fit together like a well sculpted work of art!

This is a close-up of Green boy who we've nicknamed "Moose."
You can see that his eyes are forming and we expect them to open in the next few days.
and Red girl who we've nicknamed "Bruiser", and you need not ask why...

A puppies life is filled with sleeping, eating and more sleeping....and they end up in the cutest positions around the whelping box.

Moose is the 2nd biggest and yellow, who we call "Bud," is the smallest
Orange girl enjoying a snooze
White boy and blue and red girls

Three of our pups, red, green and blue are now over two pounds! The other three are by no means small, it's just we have some really healthy eaters in this group...sounds like my family!

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