Saturday, June 21, 2008

Puppies Day 23 - The Pyramid

Yesterday, a very special present arrived for the puppies - the Pyramid toy. A good friend had told me that this was a "must have" toy for them. It is interactive, colorful, and always a puppy favorite. Finding this silly thing drove me crazy and finally, after many Google searches, I found it on Amazon and impatiently waited for its arrival... Yes, I admit that am obsessed with my puppies and want to do everything possible to ensure that they are healthy and develop physically and mentally to reach their fullest potential.

This toy was made for purple girl. As you can see, she laid her claim to this toy and entertained us with her biting it, pawing and then investigating the inside and crawling into it for a cozy nap!

Pink girl was very curious, first sniffing it, trying to eat it and then gave us the paw, before moving on to the next item on her agenda!

Orange girl lounging on her pink pig.

Green boy sniffing a water bottle. Toys do not need to be expensive nor hard to find, they just need to be safe. Each pup finds different toys more stimulating than others and the constant introduction of new toys enhances their curiousity and done properly, reduces fear of new sights and noises.

Black boy and purple girl stalking the colorful ball. This rubbery ball, made out of woven tubes, is the perfect size for the pups to suck/bite and move around.

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