Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puppies Day 25 - Playtime on a Rainy Day

The torrential rains did not put a damper on our Sunday. We had a lovely visit with Veronika and Patrick, who will be taking home one of our bundles of gray joy...possibly a future agility star!

The puppies are getting more and more active each day and put on quite a show. I would even describe their interactions as rowdy, with lots of mouthing, pawing and the occasional growl. Plus, the puppies teeth are coming in, sharp little needles, ouch!

Taking a moment to chill and practice their downs!

Ooooh, just a little to the left, ahhh....

Trixie stopped by for lunch and the pups gave her an enthusiastic greeting and impatiently waited for the milk bar to open for service. Trixie still thinks the donut bed was put here for her personal comfort!

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