Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puppies Day 29 - New item on the menu

Good morning little puppy loves! They had a restful first night sleep in their new pen.

Sound asleep, sweet dreams...

Breakfast is served. Look how much the puppies have grown compared to the mealtime shots from the first few weeks.

A sweet moment with one of her babies.

Pink girl nibbling on Trixie's ear while Trix cleans her puppies. Yellow is ready to wrestle with green boy.

We began the weaning process today with the introduction of lunch - weaning formula, which is basically ground up puppy food and water. It has the consistancy of Farina. First, the pups sample it off of a finger, and then are led to the family size feeding bowl.

Yellow boy showed us how well his nose works by scenting the new food from where he was sleeping on the donut bed. He woke up, stuck his nose in the air and followed it to the buffet!

All of the pups, except black boy, were ready to dig in and savor their first real meal.

Green boy literally jumped in with both paws and ate his way around the bowl. Not surprisingly, he was the last one to finish eating.

Check out the food on green boys paws.

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