Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puppies Day 28- Part 2 - New Digs

The puppies adjusted beautifully to their new home aka the puppy playground!

They checked out every inch of the space, found their old toys and donut bed and discovered new toys. They climbed into the crate as if they'd been in one their entire young lives.

Today, was a big day developmentally as you do not want to move the pups prior to four weeks. In their new, ultrasafe space, they have a litterbox, which I'm proud to say orange boy and pink girl figured out the purpose. Now, if only the others would follow suit.

Green boy testing out the new bed...he just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.

Yellow boy likes his new Orbi ball.

Purple girl finds a familiar toy in her new digs.

Green boy quite content with the large space to play in and lots of beds to choose from.

Black boy passed out from all the activity.

Pink girl happy to find so many toys!

Trixie, this is not your crate anymore!

Wotan supervised the move from his perch on the couch. He was exhaused just watching us!

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