Monday, June 9, 2008

Puppies Day 12 - I can see clearly now, well almost...

The puppies' eyes have begun to open, so we have banned flash photography for awhile. Even though their eyes are open, they cannot see clearly yet and still bump into each other in the whelping box as they wander around.

With open eyes, these pups have such character in their beautiful faces and it is difficult to not want to just cuddle them all day long! had to wake me up!
What a face!
and another...
Profile shot

Bored already?

The pups are placed in the basket after their daily weigh in and while I change the pad in the whelping box.

Now it's time for a snack!
I just can't resist these cuties!
As part of the Bio-Sensor program, the pups are exposed to interesting smells. Over the weekend, they had a super special treat - a duck - and boy were they interested. The puppies noses were quite active and I could feel their little chests expand as they breathed in this incredible scent. Even Trixie jumped out of the whelping box to explore this exciting treat. Other scents they have been exposed to include a bird wing, tennis ball, stuffed dog toy and salmon treats

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