Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puppies Day 28 Big Changes & Fieldtrip- Part 1

Happy one month old! The puppies went on their first fieldtrip out back to play and frolic in the grass.

Yellow boy was quite adventurous and was using his nose to lead him around.

New smells, sounds and a good dose of fresh air made for a wonderful experience.

Hey guys, which way should we go?

Green boy finds a Croc in the wild!
Black boy showed his independence and investigated on his own.

Something catches purple girls attention.

Then it was back to spend their last morning in the whelping box. A quick introduction to utility scent articles and then up to their new digs.

Purple girl and green boy immediately zoomed in
on these new items in their box and found them very interesting!

One last group huddle before the big move upstairs...

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