Monday, June 2, 2008

Puppies Day 5

As you can see, the puppies have lost the "zebra stripes" that are typical of newborn Weimaraner puppies. Five are eating while the sixth is cuddling by Trixie's head.

Weims are born basically blind and deaf and their eyes open between 8-10 days and then the ears at approximately two weeks.
The puppies have a very strong sucking reflex and you can see red girl's tongue wrapped around the nipple. They also use their tiny paws to knead the area to increase the flow of milk.
Even with no sight or hearing, these pups are quite mobile and crawl everywhere, especially to the perfect cuddle spot.

Always room for one more!
This pup is between Trixie's arms....I think this is white boy.
Here's green boy taking a snooze.

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