Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puppies Day 31 - Pure Joy!

Pure joy can be defined as the looks on these girls faces as they cuddle with the puppies. Yesterday, the puppies benefited from lots of socialization with visits from my daughter's friends as well as my friend, Julie, who is a member of the "GraytSky Family." Julie came bearing wonderful gifts, not just for the pups, but for Trixie and Wotan. What a thoughtful friend!

Orange girl climbed right on my daughter's lap. Actually, they all do when she enters the pen!
Pink girl still loves her piggy toy.

A rare moment, caught sitting and posing for the camera!

Orange and purple girls in the midst of play, sharing a rope toy. Check out the intense look in purple girls eyes.

Green boy has discovered the joys of nooking on a toy. Many Weims are known for "nooking" and it is thought to be a calming behavior.

Yellow boy captured the rope toy from the girls!

Trixie faces the challenges of motherhood. Six hungry puppies trying to nurse before she even has a chance to lie down!

Almost like the Pied Piper, the pups follow mom to the dog bed.

You can already see the lovely toplines, angles and bone of these puppies. Plus, they all have the most delicious temperaments - friendly, sweet and playful.

Finally, Trixie settles down and the pups vie for the optimal spot at the milk bar. Even though the pups had two real meals today, they still love to nurse and will continue to get their night time feeding with mom.

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