Monday, June 30, 2008

Puppies Day 32 - Mostly Pink

Pink girl was full of energy today, even after a visit with two children and lots of play. I think she was a bit wound up and couldn't keep her teeth to herself. Although she is biting green boy, black boy is not happy about being smushed. Check out the snarl on his face!

Pink girl is torturing poor black boy biting his leg, some sort of medieval Weimaraner punishment.

Finally, some peace for a boy and his monkey.

But the monkey just didn't taste boys ear is much better to chew.

Pink girl is enjoying all the mini-toys Julie brought and plenty to go around. She thinks she'll try all of them...first the duck...

Nice to not have to share! Look at her froggy legs, just adorable!

But wait, is this an orange donkey? How cool!

And if that wasn't fun enough, some sort of exotic bird. Hmmm, will I see this bird at a hunt test?

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