Friday, June 6, 2008

Puppies Day 9 - Part 2 - My Girl

The puppies with my special girl, who helped with the whelping, takes incredible care of the puppies and enjoys cuddling with them best.

Socialization is a critical component in raising healthy, well adjusted puppies with stable temperaments that will grow up to be terrific family companions.

As the pups get older, they will meet people of all ages, be exposed to different sights and sounds to prepare them for the real world outside Grayhart. In addition to exposure to people, these pups will also be introduced to friendly dogs other than those living here.

Also, the Bio-Sensor or "Super Dog" method is a tool we use to help ensure our puppies develop superiorly both physically and mentally. Developed by the US Military, the Bio-sensor method is a series of exercises performed on puppies starting at day 3 and ending on day 16. Each exercise is performed one time, for a specific amount of time, daily during this time period. It is important not to perform each exercise more than once per day or for increased amounts of time as it could over stress the puppies. These exercises would not occur naturally during this time frame and work by requiring the pup's neurological system to kick in earlier than normal. Studies have shown that Bio-Sensor puppies have:

  • Improved cardio vascular performance
  • Stronger heartbeats
  • Stronger Adrenal Glands
  • Increased tolerance to stress and
  • Greater resistance to disease

Studies also show that Bio-Sensor pups are far less affected by stressful situations than pups that don't have these exercises performed. They were more calm and able to perform learning tests with far fewer errors.

The benefits from this early neurological stimulation have lasting effects on the puppies, lasting a lifetime if proper enrichment and socialization is provided during the dog's life! We believe this is an important tool in our breeding program.

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