Sunday, February 28, 2010

T-C Pups Day 45: Power's back on!

Looks like the "after" of a wild was :)
Power was restored late this morning! We were thrilled as the power company had originally told us it wouldn't be fixed until Monday at midnight. The pups survived the power outage just fine, in fact, other than not having kitchen privileges for a few days, no way to mop up after them, their world remained unaffected. After meal time, they love to run around the pen like wild banshees, making their own confetti out of the newspaper, playing with toys, chasing each other around the crate and their newest trick, jumping off the stool onto their littermates!
Nap time until the next round of fun!
If only the pups would clean up their own mess...
Below are some pictures from Thursday's storm, which gave us approximately a foot of very heavy, wet snow causing trees to topple and power lines to split.
Our deck...we won't be entertaining out there until Springtime...
One of the herd of deer that live in the woods behind our house.
Trees having a hard time with the weight of the heavy snow.

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