Wednesday, February 10, 2010

T-C Pups Day 26 Part Two: New Digs

Plasma TV, surround sound, fish tank, fireplace, what more could the pups want? They settled right in to their new pen and love all the extra room to run around and play.
New toys were added and Trixie spent time with them making the transition seemless.
Tuckered out after playing.
The puppy pen has a doorless crate, special textured foam flooring and a litter pan, which I'm thrilled to report was used by a number of the pups! The pan contains kitty litter pellets called Yesterday's News, made out of recycled newspaper and are safe for the pups if ingested. This gives them a headstart on housebreaking. Mr. Orange and Miss Pink were the first two to climb right in and do their business...what good puppies!

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