Thursday, February 18, 2010

T-C Pups Day 35: Busy, busy, busy

Two flying saucer bowls are needed to feed this crew
Another new toy!
Fun to carry around
A talking frog
A puppy Kong
Meridith came to visit and help photograph the puppies. They gave her an enthusiastic greeting!
The pups are 5 weeks old today and we had a busy day weighing them and taking stacked photos. We were able to see how the pups reacted to being in the kitchen and on the island for the first time as well as worked into a show stack. They were quite good being stacked and none were fazed by it, especially when they found out that cream cheese was involved in the deal.
Mr. Black stood like a rock star...the power of whipped cream cheese!
Puppy love is the best
Mr. Red...would you like a bagel with that?

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