Monday, February 1, 2010

Excellent day in the field!

Monty, Grayhart's Stone Free, on point, training for his Junior Hunter.
Holding steady on point, help for us to get a close up!
Even freezing temps in New Jersey do not stop us from field training and honestly, the dogs do not mind the cold. Due to vacations, snow and holidays, we hadn't been out in the field for about 6 weeks. Apparently, the time off had no effect on Monty nor Jam and they picked up right where we left off. Monty is still a novice and we're working on exposing him to the birds and steadying him on point. He has a ton of natural ability and is able to zone in and point the bird from a good distance. He even stays on point, a very good thing.
Jam is working to get ready for her Senior Hunter and we couldn't be more pleased with her progress. She is a natural backer, honoring the other dog on point and steady to wing and shot. She thrilled us today when we shot a chukkar over her for the first time and not only did she stay on point until released, but did an excellent job with her first retrieve. An impressive performance for all that were there to witness it. We need to work on her retrieving the bird to hand, although I have no doubts that with practice, she will master that skill and we'll be ready for Senior Hunter this Spring. Good girl Jam!

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