Thursday, February 4, 2010

T-C Pups Day 21: Three weeks hurray!

Three weeks old today and our pups are already practicing sit stays! Not really, but I am able to get their attention and focus long enough to get a picture like this. They put themselves in these positions, sitting and all! The missing pup is off to the left on the bed out of range.
The pups can see clearly now and can hear sounds but are still figuring out where they are coming from.
They are still voracious eaters and will nurse for another week. We will then wean them and introduce puppy food.
The pups are beginning to play with the different toys in the box.
Puppy rumble is a favorite activity with little growls and barks.
This little froggy even ribbits!
Play can get rough at times
My octupus
They just get cuter and cuter by the day! Hard to believe that in 5 1/2 weeks they will be going to their new homes.

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