Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday T-C Pup Visit from Tammy

Last Saturday, Tammy and Mike drove up from PA to visit and took a whole bunch of terrific pictures...soooo many to choose from so I took the liberty to just post what I thought were the best...I've never received complaints about posting too many puppy pictures.
Mike getting kisses.
Trudy's owner Rich fell in love with the pups.
Trudy's family couldn't wait to visit this litter and had a hard time leaving.Trudy was fascinated by the pups.
Lots of fun playing with the pheasant feather and bird wing.
Mr. Black on missionMr. Blue playing keep away
and I spoil his fun...he did not want to give it back!
He then settled for Tammy's toe - ouch!
Mr. Green goes in for the bird...
On the run!
Miss Purple and Mr. Green playing tug of war with the wing.
All the fun and excitement makes for tired puppies!

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