Wednesday, February 3, 2010

T-C Pups Day 20: New Big Dog Collars

The puppies are sporting a new look with real big dog collars, in size extra small, with buckles and a little ring to attach a leash. These are the collars they will wear to their new homes. Orange boy has the fancy two-toned collar due to the unavailability of a solid orange collar.
Mr. Black is back! Mr. Yellow, who was originally black is now back to his original newborn collar color.They look quite spiffy and so grown up in the new collars.
The pups are interacting quite a bit, playing, growling and pouncing on each other.
Miss Purple and Miss Pink. Miss Raspberry wears the neon pink collar.
Mr. Red
Shhhh, he's sleeping and will never know that I sat on his head.
Time for an afternoon snack.

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