Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trudy wins her first show points!

Trudy, Grayhart's Special Reserve, earned her first two show points going Winner's Bitch and Best of Breed on Friday and Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite today, at the Riverhead Kennel Club Shows. Trudy is the 4th pup from our Trixie-Zeke litter to be show pointed.

Big thanks to friend, Bonnie Lane of Hibourne, for handling Trudy to her first points!


Sagira said...

Way to go Trudy! Another beautiful photo by Sara. :)

Anonymous said...

How many points?

Linda said...

Trudy won one point each day so now has 2 points toward her Championship...13 to go :)

Anonymous said...

I just realized you DID say her first TWO POINTS! LOL