Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go to place times two

Post puppy class practice for Savi and Memphis of the "go to place" command in a real life scenario. The pups were terrific and it was so cute to see the two of them sharing the bed when told to "go to place". This is a very useful command and can be used in many situations. My dogs are told to "go to place" when we eat dinner and lay down on any dog bed of the many in my kitchen and rest while we enjoy meals without bothersome begging. It can be used as a time out of sorts or to keep the dog away from a situation such as a broken glass jar.

As for these 6 month old pups, it did help that they had had an hour of obedience training, then a half hour of freeplay on the deck which was more like watching wild, gray tumbleweeds and quiet time while we ate lunch before expecting them to do this command in the kitchen. Now it's naptime...

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Sagira said...

That is one thing they don't teach at our training club. But they are cute. :)