Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer school

Class picture: l-r, Mason, Jam, Memphis and Savi above
Today, we held a special obedience class that was full of Grayhart dogs from each of Trixie's litters! Our regular Tuesday class included a visit from Jen and Mason, Grayhart's Daily Special, who drove up from PA for the occasion and to meet our trainer, Kathy Santo.
Mr. Mason, what a good boy and we're so proud of the great job Jen has done training him. He fit right into the class and didn't miss a beat even after being in the car for 2 hours and coming to a new place with lots of different dogs and then joined us for the puppy class.
And the dogs did amazingly well considering the 100 degree weather...nice tongue Memphis! All it took was some water and time in the air conditioned house and Memphis, Mason and Savi had a wild play session that left them exhausted for the rest of the day.
Ironically, Savi and Memphis held their stays the longest! Savi loves her perch by the fireplace and didn't need any coaxing to pose in this spot. Oh, and the bandage, not as serious as it appears. Unfortunately, on our trip to the Berkshires last weekend, Savi accidentally ripped her toenail off getting out of her crate and left an exposed and painful quick. A visit to the vet this morning to check things out and she came home with this leg wrap to protect the nail. She'll be sporting this look for a few weeks until it heals.

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