Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mia-belle's Nonstop Fun in the Garden State

Another awesome picture of Miabelle's ears on their fun day in the field. That's Jam with the orange collar and Savi in the rear.
Miabelle and Savi
Follow the leader Weim style, Monty, Miabelle, Savi and Jam
Run like the wind!
Savi in pursuit of Jam
I can't believe that Jessica's and Miabelle's visit is coming to a close. We had such a wonderful time together and accomplished so much, basically everything that we had planned to do. Monday's field training gave Miabelle the opportunity to be exposed to birds and allowed me to see her natural ability, something that we are thrilled to have in all of Trixie's pups. Mike our trainer, gave Jess tips on working Miabelle to get her ready for the WCA Shooting Ratings test and Junior Hunter. Jess was able to watch Jam and Monty, our advanced dogs, train for Senior Hunter, and Savi, train for Junior Hunter.

Tuesday was the busiest day with not just one but three obedience lessons and then a trip to Long Island to spend time with our friends Bonnie and Steve and go to show handling class. Jess and I worked Miabelle and Jam with my obedience trainer friend, who really gave Jess terrific advice and problem solving expertise on getting Miabelle ready for competition obedience, Novice A, which she plans on entering in January. Working with other trainers or attending seminars has great benefits of a fresh set of eyes watching you and your dog and learning new training techniques. Then we worked around the group lesson and the Weim puppy class for Savi and Memphis.

I adore my puppy people and enjoy when they get to meet each other, especially the ones from different litters and Meridith and Jessica hit it off, and so did Memphis and Miabelle. We had a pedicure party after lunch, making sure all the dogs nails looked perfect for handling class. Amazing how quickly we dremelled five dogs' nails. Then the long drive to Long Island, a quick dinner and off to show handling class. The class was quite crowded with people getting their dogs ready for the upcoming LI shows and it was a challenge to keep our two 6 month old pups attention with all the distractions. Jam worked beautifully for Steve and Jessica had the opportunity to work Miabelle for the first time in a structured handling class with a top teacher. She did a terrific job of stacking Miabelle and was taught new skills to work on for moving her to show her off to her best advantage, never an easy feat for any novice but she really caught on quick.

Wednesday was a well deserved day of relaxation, although we did get in some walking and training at the town park with Jam, Miabelle and Memphis, who did great for his first sleepover...what a good boy!
Miabelle on the trail

Today was another fun day and Jessica saw what beautiful hiking trails and lake we have in our area, amazingly so close to New York City. We took Miabelle, Jam and Savi hiking at Harriman State Park and then the girls got to cool off for a swim in one of the picturesque lakes. Savi is becoming quite the little swimmer and loves to retrieve her bumper.
Savi with her bumper
Miabelle and Jam are still tentative but improving each time they go in, with lots of encouragement. The dogs then went on a special shopping trip to get yummy raw bones and other awesome treats.

It was a wonderful week having our Southern Belles visit and we will miss them. Miabelle was the perfect house guest and I look forward to another visit with them, either up North or down South.


hotdogjunie said...

What an awesome way to spend a week's vacation! All the great mentorship and fun, too makes me want to be one of Grayhart's puppy people... someday! :-)

Sagira said...

I agree with Kel, I would love to be a puppy person one day to. :)

Lightfoot Weimaraners said...

Wow, can you imagine what handling fees and a week long seminar like this would cost? When you are chosen for a Grayhart puppy, it's like getting the puppy for free when you throw in all the information, attention, and advice that comes with them. I should know, having pink collar girl join our family 2 yrs ago this month and the support is as strong today as it was the day she came to us!