Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mia-belle's Adventure Continues...

Mia-belle having a great time romping with the other Grayhart pups
After our long drive back to New Jersey, we were excited to get up Monday morning and go field training. The dogs had a great time running through the fields and letting off some steam before we worked them individually on birds. All the dogs did very well and we are so pleased with their progress from week to week.
Mia-belle pointed her first bird and showed interest and natural ability - a very exciting thing to see. We were all pleased with how well she did and Jessica looks forward to working Mia-belle at home and entering her in the Tarheel Weim club's ratings test.
Ooh, ooh that smell!
The dogs definitely felt the weather by their tongue-o-meters. From left to right, Mia-belle, Monty, Jam and Savi.
Savi on point. We are working on getting her to point, rather than grab the bird.


June said...

That is NOT Savi... she's just a little pup...
Mia-Belle's looking good!
Nice tongues LOL

Sagira said...

Love the one with the ear up, too cute!