Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That time of year...

I know, it seems like forever since I've updated the blog. The past few weeks have been filled with back to school activities, for my daughter and me (plus starting a new teaching job!), but also for all our dogs. There is something comfortable and nostalgic about all the back to school rituals of shopping, planning weekly activities for our more structured school year routine and reuniting with friends. This is a good time of year to reflect on what's important and set personal and professional goals, including ones for my dogs...and yes, look how much Jam has grown, but more about the pups later...

The big dogs, Wotan and Trixie, are back in their Excellent level Competition agility classes and Trixie began her puppy agility class last night. The class is wonderful and is made up of five pups, including our friend Colleen with her Weim pup and two agility friends with their new pups. It is cool that we've trained together for years with our now older, more experienced dogs and are now embarking our new pups' agility careers together. This class will focus on foundation skills including body language, signals and impulse control. We can sure use some of that, lol!

Trixie has been hard at work training for her Open obedience debut in October. Jam has been enjoying her puppy obedience class and this week, we'll begin a new group class made up of Weim pups - it will by GRAY-T! Monty will be joining us and I look forward to seeing how our boy has grown.

Jam will continue to train for the show ring. Here she is at 14 1/2 weeks practicing her stack. I treated myself to a grooming table and boy does that make stacking and doggie manicures so much easier!

Talking about boys, Ranger came out to visit us at the Newton Kennel Club show and had a blast playing with Jam and Katie, his half sister, and making new friends at the show.

Now this is what I call a Jam-session! Ranger gave back as good as he got from his sister.

Don't hold back Ranger - tell her how you feel!

Let's take a trip to North Carolina - Sky on her first hike at a beautiful place off the Blue Ridge Parkway called Graveyard Fields.

Sky and Debbie scooting across a stream.

They had a perfect day for running through the woods.

A sweet moment of rest for Sky and her mom :)

Queen of the Mountain!

You go girl!

Always helps to have four wheel drive.

This looks like a nice place to rest...

Now, off to Kansas to visit Marshall. What a lovely shot of him.

Marshall and Dylan have become BFFs.

Marshall just continues to amaze us with his lovely conformation. Toni, Laura's friend is stacking him.

Laura just adores Mr. Marshall and he continues to charm everyone he meets...what a mush!

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