Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Agile Dogs - Trial Update

Yesterday, we trekked down in the rain to Freehold, NJ for the BCDC Aglility Trial. It was an interesting day. You'll have to check Wotan's blog for his exciting news.

Trixie ran in Novice Standard and Jumpers, and had two beautiful runs but unfortunately, knocked a single bar down in each one which is an automatic disqualification. I may have rushed her but overall, I was pleased with how well she ran these flowing courses, getting her contacts and flying through the weave poles. In the standard course, I did a two jump lead out and she stayed solid on the start line and then flew through this course ending up 20 seconds under course time!!!

Jam loved being with us at the trial and enjoyed walking around meeting lots of people and friendly dogs in all shapes and sizes. It was a wonderful opportunity for socialization and not many could resist a cute puppy.

Not sure when our next trial will be due to a handler injury, (see Wotan's blog for the story) but I can't wait to get back in the game and run my fun loving agility dogs.

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