Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jam's First Show....just a family visit!

Is Jam in jail? No, she is just hanging out in the exercise pen visiting family at the Newton Kennel Club show this past Friday. Too young to be entered, it was a wonderful opportunity to visit with good friends, socialize Jam with other Weims and people plus acclimate her to the sights, sounds and smells of a real dog show.

Jam was quite comfortable relaxing and playing in the expens set up between our friends' motorhomes. See the family resemblance?

We saw Jam's daddy, Parker, who was entered, and he was able to meet and play with Jam.

Friday was a warm up for this handsome, young dog, who looked great in the ring and on the following day, not only won Best of Breed over the #1 Weimaraner dog in the country, but WON the Sporting Group!

A family photo of Jam, Katie, Jam's half sister, and daddy to both, Parker.

Jam and Katie had a blast chasing each other and wrestling.

Katie, Parker's daughter out of CH mom, Mariah, is a rising star herself. She won the Sporting Group at the Newton KC Match Show! She is definately following in the pawprints of success of her mother and father. And best of all, Katie loves to climb the expen for kisses and affection. This girl is two weeks older than Jam.

Giving us the paw :)

Ooooh that feels wonderful!

Not only did we see Jam's daddy, Parker, but both her grandma's and even her great grandma, all part of the GraytSky and Hibourne family.

and the morning got better when Ranger, Jam's littermate showed up to play. Those pictures will be posted another day.

Jam was quite exhausted from her extremely busy morning and was barely back in her crate before falling asleep for the ride home. A good Weim is a tired Weim.

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