Thursday, September 25, 2008

Puppy Obedience Class

Thursdays are our special Weim pup obedience class. The Great Dane pup that joined us was pretty nice and played well with our crew. Jam waited patiently for the group class to start while I worked Trixie outside on her advanced obedience skills, getting ready for her debut in Open next week. The weather was chilly and a friend decided Jam needed to wear my vest...looks quite fashionable!

Tonights lesson plan included learning hands signals for sit, stand and down. Jam did a fine job demonstrating the down. Of course, our Weim pups found the tile floor too cold and felt comfortable on little beds.

Monty showed off his sit with a little extra special trick - giving paw...precious.

Will work for food! Fortunately for us, all these pups are highly food motivated.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I attempted to stack Monty to see how our boy is growing up.

Looking good on the table. The steak really helped keep his focus with all the distractions around us.

Another Weim star in the class is Ellie, here with owner Colleen. Ellie waits patiently while we learn the next signal.

Ellie learning the stand command. We want the pups to kick their back legs out when going from a sit to a stand rather than a forward motion.
Ellie and Jam also go to puppy agility class together.

Who is who? Monty on the left, Ellie on the right.

Jam, on the left and Monty, getting a quick time out between exercises.

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