Sunday, September 14, 2008

Private party or is this really obedience class?

Thursday night was our first gray-pup only obedience class and what fun we had! Jam, her brother Monty, and Ellie, who is about two weeks older, thought class was a private party for Weim pups. I have not seen Monty in many weeks as he spent most of the summer at the Jersey shore, but he looked great and that tail never stopped wagging. Once the pups greeted each other and had a mini-wrestling session, we did our best to settle them down and work on some basic obedience. Leash walking, recalls and teaching them that clipping the leash or putting the collar on are good things, were done outside and them we moved inside for a game of Pass-the- Puppy.

The goal of Pass-the-Puppy is to get the pups used to different types of handling by different people and desensitize them to potentially unpleasant or fearful situations. The handling included taking turns with each others pups opening mouths, touching feet, putting fingers in ears all the time feeding yummy treats. We then did things to simulate what children or adults may do that might possibly scare a dog, such as hard body and neck hugging as well as standing over them to pet them. Again, all done with praise and treats. The pups all did wonderfully and of course, between getting to kiss a new handler, got fed a variety of treats and thought this was a cool game. We also worked on focus or the watch me command...Jam is quite good at this one!

A very tired puppy....

Too bad I forgot to bring my camerato class....maybe I'll remember next time.

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