Sunday, May 12, 2013

S-P Pups: From birth & Day 1

We have been super busy getting the Fast Times litter settled and just spending time with these adorable pups. I had time to upload the photos we took during the whelping and the first day.   Savi had an easy time whelping the pups, which made things less stressful for us and it was a textbook whelping.  As soon as the first pup was born, we broke the sack, made sure the pup could breath, carefully suctioned any fluid from the mouth so it wouldn't be swallowed and end up in the lungs, dried the pup and then took care of cutting and cleaning the umbilical cord.  We then let Savi take over, as she was anxious to do, and the pups began nursing.  We would then clean the whelping box and get ready for the next pup.
After each pup was born, Savi was given a bowl of vanilla ice cream - she loved that part!  It wasn't just a celebratory treat but a needed boost of calcium to help with the contractions and extra nourishment.  The bowl was always licked clean!
What was amazing was that Savi would eat her ice cream, and a little while later burp (such manners!) and then pant a little and push out a pup!  That became the pattern - Burp, Pant & Push!
More please!
First pup, Miss Purple
Making sure all the pups get latched on and eating...

In 3 hours, we had our 7 Fast Times Pups!
They are thriving, nursing at the milk bar and all gaining weight.

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Sagira said...

SQUUEEAAAAAA!!!!! SO cute. Congrats and Happy Mothers Day. :)