Saturday, May 18, 2013

S-P Pups Day 9: Dim the Lights!

Mr. Black found the perfect spot for a nap
Today was an exciting one as some of the puppies' eyes are beginning to open! Miss Purple was the first one to open her eyes and it is amazing how much more character her face has with her eyes open. A few of the others are beginning to see as well, therefore we've dimmed the lights and will not be using the flash to take pictures looking directly at the pups' faces for the next couple of days.
 The eyes opening is a major milestone in their development. Next, we will see their ears open and they will go from crawling, teetering a bit, which some are already doing to actual walking.
 Savi spends most of her day and night in the whelping box taking excellent care of her pups.  The wire you see behind her is the probe for the digital thermometer.  It is critical that the pups do not get cold and we keep a close eye on the temperature in the box, keeping it at about 85 degrees, with the help of a heat lamp.  The puppies cannot regulate their body temperature and keeping them warm is critical or they can die.  The other two most important things keeping pups alive and thriving is making sure they do not get dehydrated or any infections.

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