Sunday, May 12, 2013

S-P Pups Day 3: A New Look

It's been a busy few days and yesterday was the pups tail docking and dewclaw removal. Now, they truly do look like miniature Weimaraners, well almost. They spend their days eating, sleeping and toddling around the box.  The pups have become quite adept at crawling all over the whelping box but they are developing quite quickly and getting very close to walking. I have to say that there is nothing cuter than seeing little Weim pups teetering and walking.
These pups are good little eaters. The pups not only use their paws to help stay in position but the pushing against the mammary glands helps stimulate the milk flow.

The pups received their first mani/pedis to clip those already long nails.  We use a child size nail clipper and when the pups are older, will switch to the dremel.

 We will begin the Bio Sensor exercises today to make these pups Super Dogs!

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