Monday, May 27, 2013

S-P Pups Day 16-17 How they grow

 The pups are growing like weeds thanks to the great nourishment from Momma Savi.  This week, from 14-21 days of age, is what we call the transitional period.  The pups can now see, hear and interact with each other.  They are all walking and show a startle response to sounds, although they are not capable of fear at this age.  We introduce all kinds of sounds, like the vacuum, to ensure they are not noise sensitive and comfortable with all kinds of noises.
 The pups are enjoying the different toys we've added to the box and we will continue to alternate toys that are made of different materials to give a new tactile experience as well as make all kinds of sounds.

 Savi is looking terrific 2 1/2 weeks post whelp.
 Hmmm, we must taste and smell all these toys!
 Soon the warming basket, which is used to hold the pups while we clean the whelping box, will go away as the pups are beginning to escape...a few brave ones have already jumped the wall!

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